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In a given year, about 80% of adolescents and 5% of adults struggle with some form of acne. If you have frequent breakouts, acne scars, or painful pustules or papules, contact Jennell Nelson, MD, Nelson Dermatology in Manassas, Virginia, for a skin evaluation. The practice offers integrative acne solutions to restore skin health. Find out more information by booking an acne exam through the website or over the phone today.

Acne Q & A

Why do I have acne?

As the most frequently occurring skin condition in the United States, acne is known for causing embarrassing breakouts. In healthy skin, oil glands called sebaceous glands produce an oily substance (sebum) to keep your skin lubricated and to serve as a protective barrier.

The sebum moves from the bottom to the top of each hair follicle throughout the day. As it moves, sebum transports sloughed-off skin cells and debris away from your pores. 

But with acne, the flow of sebum is interrupted, blocking oil, skin cells, and debris below your skin’s surface. Genetics, hormonal fluctuations, or certain medications may be the underlying cause. 

If your pores are fully blocked, you develop whiteheads. Or if your pores are partially blocked, you develop blackheads. When whiteheads or blackheads become inflamed, they turn into the red, inflamed pustules, nodules, cysts, or papules that can become tender and lead to scarring. 

Should I see a dermatologist for acne?

Yes! Acne is never something you should try to manage on your own. After all, the skin irritation and inflammation you experience from acne can lead to permanent tissue damage, which is why scars develop. It’s important to come in to Nelson Dermatology if you experience:

  • Sudden or severe breakouts
  • Large cysts under your skin that cause pain
  • Pimples, pustules, or other types of acne on your chest, shoulders, or back

The sooner you get started on acne treatment, the easier it is to prevent your next breakout and lower your risk of serious acne scars. 

How does a dermatologist treat acne?

Nelson Dermatology offers the latest and most advanced types of acne treatments. Whether you have an occasional flare-up or chronic acne breakouts, the dermatologists can help. Some of the most popular and effective types of acne treatments include:

  • Extractions 
  • Chemical peels 
  • Hormonal treatments
  • Oral or topical antibiotics 
  • Tretinoin (a derivative of vitamin A)
  • Clinical-strength benzoyl peroxide cream

You should start noticing an improvement in your skin’s tone, texture, and overall appearance within 4-8 weeks of starting your acne treatment plan from Nelson Dermatology. The dermatologists can make changes to your acne treatments at any time if you continue experiencing breakouts. 

You won’t have to struggle with acne another day with the help of Nelson Dermatology. Click on the online scheduling tool or call to book your acne appointment over the phone today.

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